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Xhul'Horac Exorcised

Fleas a posted Apr 28, 16

Fiery Fel Fiend Finished For Fat Floot! (The F in Floot is silent). Congrats ladies and gents on a well deserved kill! Now on to the big two!

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Sonyn Ooooo lala! Nice Job!
Sinthesis Hooray
Krinard ImmorTicBlingCycle de Elite

Tyrant Terminated

Fleas a posted Jan 16, 16

Fresh kill for 2016! Keep pushing team, the finale is nearing!

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Arouse lol "ok everyone face this way"

Mythic Zakuun defeated!

Fleas a posted Dec 17, 15

Queue final fantasy music, collect loot and move on. Good work all. On to the next!

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Sonyn It's a Hanukkah Miracle!!! Shalom!
Lennis Was he ACTUALLY there!? *GASP*
Krinard Who's that guy on the left?

Appreciate the vengeance kill for me folks. Keep on cruisin' through the kills!!!

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Iskar Mythic Deepfried

Fleas a posted Dec 12, 15

Immo went for the double down with this tasty bird and one more in one night! Well done all!!!

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