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Warchief Blackhand Down!

Fleas a posted Mar 12, 15

Immortality's best and brightest (well...the best at least) handed the Warchief defeat and shut down the Foundry for now. We couldn't have done it without the artistic masterpiece above, courtesy of Semisnuggles. Good job all and enjoy it for now... mythic awaits!

Looking for a raiding guild to call home? Immortality is currently seeking strong ranged dps and heals. Apply within!

Nuzzles Trust in thy Paint, and thy paint shall set thee free.

Mythic Brackenspore Downed!

Fleas a posted Feb 2, 15

Stuffed mushrooms for everyone! Brackenspore downed just in time for Foundry to bring on some new challenges!

Do you have what it takes to be part of Immortality? Apply today!

Sonyn Somebody please shoot that damn Chicken!
Azmodi Woot! Go us, that was a very satisfying kill! Good work everyone.

WoD has arrived!

Fleas a posted Nov 19, 14

Come join us to celebrate both WoW's and Immortality's 10th year! Let's save the world... again!

Raiding begins December 2nd, exceptional players welcome to apply.
Fleas a Updated for Mr Eo ...
Eofano Blizzard is like 23 years old (with other names, as Blizzard since 1994), what is 10 years old is WoW (and Warcraft fran ...

Spoils of War! 10/14 HM Down

Fleas a posted Jan 27, 14
Realm Rank 9
Region Rank 943
World Rank 3465