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Mythic Assault Assaulted

Fleas a posted Aug 12, 15

A week late getting this up but good work on our first Mythic boss down this tier. Real pic to follow soon?

Mythic Operator Thogar Down!

Fleas a posted Jun 23, 15

Great job all on finishing strong this tier! Feels like deja vu with a new mythic kill right before a patch. Bring on Hellfire Citadel! Link for full size Here

Kill video Here

Sonyn Everytime I top the meters Fleas Photoshops me doing something cool. And Polo since you stopped raiding we literally ha ...
Fleas a Polo, we only kill Mythic bosses with Sonyn on the bench but he's a diva and demands to be screenshotted into kill shots ...
Myapologies Do I have to ask, what happened to Sonyn? Also, is the lack of warlocks normal? I'm dissapoint

Kromog Crushed - 6/10 Down!

Fleas a posted Jun 4, 15

Well done team on finishing off Kromog and this wing! Bring on Thogar and his trains!

Krinard Not in any of mine either...where were you?
Fleas a Lol blame Ryu, Sonyn. You weren't in any he took! And I only photoshop if you aren't there. Trolled?
Sonyn Wtf....Im even there for the kill and I don't make the Screenshot!

Mythic Flamebender Quenched

Fleas a posted May 14, 15

Halfway there folks. Good work! Big thanks to Sonyn as always for his contribution. Let's keep this momentum going. Kromog up next!

Sonyn Wow you made quick work of that. Nice Job!
Krinard Looks like that onion is about to get deep fried.
Stalyx Good Work Guys!

Ever been to an all you can eat buffet and go back for that one last plate? Oregorger should have called it quits at 90 ore and gone home. Great job all this week! Two nights, two kills. Flamebender up next, let's keep this train cruising along.

Myapologies D-D-D-DOUBLE KILL!
Nuzzles I'm so glad Fleas got me in the middle of swap-blasting Sonyn
Sonyn Reminds me of the Mandarin!! (Think only the Canadian boys will get this)
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